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Siri Monograf

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Title ISBN Price Image Description Update
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Competence among 978-983-2948-83-4 RM18.00 2010

The Development of Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) at Aerospace 978-983-2948-71-1 RM26.00 2009

Fundamentals of Product Development Process 978-983-2948-96-4 RM18.00 2011

Implementation of Lean Process Management Through Enhanced Probl 978-983-2948-89-6 RM33.00 2011

Pengaruh Latar Belakang Keluarga (SES) dan Personaliti Terhadap 978-983-2948-99-5 RM22.00 2012

A Micro-Controller Single Based Phase Power Supply of a Solar Ba 978-967-0257-10-5 RM18.00 2012

Industrial Waste Monitoring 978-967-0257-11-2 RM18.00 2012

Personaliti & Keakuran Faktor Pencapaian Akademik 978-967-0257-30-3 RM27.00 2013

Time Compression Technologiest for Engineering Technology 978-967-0257-31-0 RM28.00 2013

Sensors Technology A Review of Its Application in Medical Field and Health Care 978-967-0257-35-8 RM21.00 2014

Simulation-Based Apprroach to Lean Manufacturing 978-967-0257-59-4 RM23.00 2016

Forward Search Methods for Model Structure Selection in System Identification 978-967-0257-68-6 RM24.00 2016

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters 978-967-0257-24-2 RM22.50 2016

A Hybrid Model Utilisation of Ubiquitous Technology 978-967-0257-85-3 RM38.50 2017

A Baseline Study on Teaching and Learning in UTeM 978-967-0257-81-5 RM25.50 2017

Application of Input Shaping Scheme in Automotive Vechicles 978-967-0257-23-5 RM22.00 2017

Triple-Band Printed Dipole Antenna with Artificial Magnetic Conductor for RFID 9789672145066 RM18.50 2018

Sustainable Transport Development at Ayer Keroh Melaka 9789672145257 RM10.50 2018

Model Hibrid Pembelajaran Berasaskan Masalah 9789672145097 RM17.50 2018

Introduction to Vibration Analysis 9789672145103 RM15.50 2018

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Results 1 - 20 of 22

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